I am Joel Madasu.

I help believers stay strong in their Christian Faith!

I recognize that faith, though seems to be a simple concept,
is complicated in practice. But, it is IMPORTANT!

I encourage Christians to be strong in their faith.

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Here are some ways I can help!

We all need help at some point in life, or on a specific thing. In relation to our Christian life, here are some ways I can help. You are more than welcome to check all these options!

I am New to Christianity

What steps do I need to take at this point since I recently believed in the Lord Jesus Christ?

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I Struggle with my Faith

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I need help with Bible Study

I am a Christian, however, I need help studying and understanding the Scripture. How can you help me? If this is the case, please follow the link below!

Blog Posts

I post updates and articles to encourage believers. Please read the posts.

January 4, 2023

How Can We Serve God Better?

November 19, 2021

Daily with Jesus – 2

About Me.

I was born and brought up in a Pastor's Family. I believed the Lord as my Savior when I was 15 years of age. Through God's grace, I was able to complete B.A. in Pastoral Studies, M.A. in Biblical Studies, and Ph.D. in Old Testament. 

My desire is to teach the Word of God. 

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They Say

Ted Cancel Jr.


"I have enjoyed Dr. Madasu's teaching."

Dr. Calvin Sutphin II

President, Catalyst Ministries Inc

"Joel is smart, energetic, committed."

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